The rise of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), with its sensor technologies and real-time data analytics capable of monitoring the food supply from farm to fork, now offers a first-ever, end-to-end solution for reducing food waste, limiting recalls and improving the overall food experience for consumers.

Food supply goes digital

A future on our horizon: Farms are going digital. Food manufacturing and warehousing are going digital. Food distribution and retailing are going digital from the checkout counter to the family dinner table.

Digitization of the food supply enables the IIoT to leverage its technologies to monitor and analyse the entirety of the process. From the standpoint of food quality, timeliness of delivery, waste, spoilage and safety.

First step in the IIoT journey

The reality of safeguarding the food system from farm to fork via the IIoT is that most manufacturers will likely start with limited implementations that target key quality control points.

An area of focus delivering early gains can be achieved with the monitoring of best practices, based on understanding the customer experience.  You can’t make poor quality into better quality, but you can keep good quality product in best condition for your customer.  Outcome from assurance of best practices in food processes in intelligent packaging, within a monitored cold chain, is a great “low hanging fruit” return that builds business.

Food safety is non-negotiable, but quality assurance is the key departure point to brand building and sales and profit growth. Understanding the customer experience and the actions needed to deliver a compelling value proposition through the use of emerging IIot technologies contributes to delivering that Triple Bottom Line

Extracted from an article by John Fryer

Published Fooddive – August 11, 2017

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