Varietal Development

Understanding and selecting the correct varieties for your final/product to achieve:

  • Improved yields
  • Efficient processing
  • Shelf life extension
  • Superior eating
  • Extended availability

Product Development

  • Develop new lines or extending ranges to customers. This can be core or whole product, Ready to Cook, or Ready to Eat
  • Upgrades of existing products

Santising & Fogging Systems

  • Santising and fogging systems to disinfect through microbial fogging with Chlorine Dioxide gas

  • Drains, COVID-19 Incidents, large equipment or kit, high ceilings and walls, dry areas, wet produce areas, contamination in water systems.

  • Can re-enter premises after two hours

Process Technology

Improve handling and manufacturing processes throughout the chain:

  • Factory design and layout
  • Optimised processing
  • Contamination control

M.A.P Consulting

  • Active and passive Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) design for new products and upgrades in shelf life performance on existing products
  • Modified Atmospheric Packaging (MAP) performance verification and support


  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging (M.A.P) training for key staff
  • Bespoke Food Safety and Quality training.
  • Packaging Technologies

Verification Services

Bespoke verification protocols to monitor product specification, quality and shelf life performance, together with consultative based auditing to assist in compliance processes.

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