Consumer trends in food in 2018

There are certain clear trends emerging with regards to food and consumers in recent years, which are very important to consider in terms of food product development and food packaging development.

To begin with, consumers are more engaged in the world of food than ever before. For them, food has become about enjoyment, passion, love, and taking care of their families.

Consumers are also expecting more from food, from the companies that provide food and are shredding the constraints of traditional foods and their old loyalties to food brands. Consumers are becoming more and more excited by food and are wanting experiences with international foods.

At the same time, in today’s pressured world of time poverty, consumers are not prepared to do the work to achieve what they want from food – they are relying on food manufacturers and retailers to do more of the work. The food store needs to become the sous chef !

Today’s customer is technologically savvy and well connected online. They enjoy snacking more than traditional full meals – and the snacking that they do is at least 50% of the time on healthy products.

Today’s food consumer trends include targeting food with a conscience – food that is responsible to society and animals, and food that is simple and natural. There is a growing awareness of the dangers of preservatives and processed foods. Product freshness is one of the most important buying criteria for consumers, and “freshness” has replaced “price” as the primary concern for consumers. With more and more people willing to pay a premium for quality, delivering a superior product is more a requisite than a luxury for retailers.

Another factor in the equation is that one third of global food production is wasted – and consumers are becoming more aware of food wastage. Research has suggested that behaviours around use of packaging in home could be making a significant contribution to food waste, and our latest research shows that a priority for consumers is how long food stays fresh for.

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