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Technical services in Fresh Foods and Food Packaging technologies

The Why

If global food waste was a country, it would be the third largest carbon emitter in the world behind the US and China.

There are legitimate concerns from consumers over the use of plastics in food packaging, plastics that play a significant role in combating food waste.

There’s real danger that food waste reduction in the developed world could be a victim of plastics reduction.

We are passionate about doing our part in making a difference, applying an integrated approach to food waste reduction through innovation in product, process and packaging.

We offer a simple path to a better  Triple Bottom Line.

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Meet the Foodtech Fresh Partnership

Keith and Heather  have a focused spectrum of skills, background and industry experience, a network of associates and specialists to deliver a combination of solutions to our customers.

Keith Coleman

Keith Coleman

Keith has many years of invaluable experience in fresh foods packaging and true industry expertise. Keith established the first local Modified Atmosphere Packaging (M.A.P) company in 1999 – a company that grew to be a market leader in that sector.

Knilam Packaging (Pty) Ltd, was the first packaging company to provide printed M.A.P packaging, with local food technology applications and systems developed to extend shelf life for local application and specific to the multiple varieties  of  Leaf and Vegetable into the South African retailer.

Keith subsequently sold his business to a listed group and spent a few years as a business consultant, business coach and an angel investor in the SME sector.

In 2013, Keith returned as consultant in sustainability in retail packaging and has remained in this sector since, focussing, with Heather, on delivering integrated solution in the area of Food, Intelligent Packaging and Cold-chain sciences, technologies and processes.


Heather Voegt

Heather is a Fresh Produce Specialist with over 25 years’ experience in the field of Fresh Produce and Fresh Produce Technology.

Heather studied Food Technology at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

Her career started with Distell Corporation in the wine industry and then moved onto Bromor Foods (Beverage Division), where she worked as a couple of years as a Food Technologist. Heather then joined Lombardi Foods for eight years as a Food and Process Technologist, specializing in Fresh and Ready to Eat products.

Heather then spent the next eleven years at Woolworths as a Food Technologist in the Produce Department (Ready to Eat, vegetable, fruit and lettuce and leaf production, honing her skills as a Fresh Produce Specialist, focusing on varietal development and Modified Atmosphere Packaging.

Heather’s extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of Fresh Produce have been gained during her considerable years working in the field.

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