Just picture the volume of packaging transported in gas guzzling, exhaust spewing multi-links across the country ?

This picture supplied by Proseal America – 9350 clip-on lids in multiple boxes vs one roll of thin film plastic for the same outcome.

That’s before we even consider the plastic content and cost.  The use of rigid clip-on or clamshell PET lids could equate up to 30% more plastic in the pack.

In today’s world, the adoption of sustainable and environmentally conscious practices are becoming instrumental to the success of businesses, especially in the packaging industry.

Use of thin film lid as a replacement for the clip-on or clamshell lids delivers a drastic reduction in overall plastic consumption and gives us the ability to modify atmospheres, through M.A.P and other intelligent packaging options, to maintain quality, increase shelf life for our customers and pay a positive role in the reduction of food and food packaging waste.

Waste reduction along the value chain through the considered collaboration of food science, cold chain and intelligent packaging sciences, technologies and sciences.

Keith Coleman 14th April 2019.

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