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Fresh Food and Food Packaging Specialists

Foodtech Fresh is a technical services unit in Fresh Foods and Food Packaging

We have a focused spectrum of skills, background and industry experience, a network of associates and specialists to deliver a combination of solutions to our customers.


  • Sanitising and Fogging Services for Manufacturing and Retail
  • Varietal Development Consulting
  • New Product Development Consulting
  • Process Technology Development and Optimisation
  • Food Safety Systems Support
  • Shelf Life Extension
  • Packaging Technical Services
  • Verification Services
  • Training
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The Benefits

  • Skills Development
  • Product Safety and Quality Assurance
  • Shelf Life Extension
  • Product Innovation
  • Sales and Profit Growth
  • Brand Building

We are specialists in fresh technology

We assist in the development and maintenance of sustainable product offerings by:

  • Understanding the clients procurement, production and distribution systems.
  • Facilitating the product development process to support successful product launches.
  • Customising of packaging to suit customer product and process.
  • Bespoke verification systems.
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