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Fresh Food and Food Packaging Specialists

Foodtech Fresh is an expert consulting and training unit in the area of Fresh and Minimally Processed Food and Food Packaging Technical Services

We have a focused spectrum of skills, background and industry experience, a network of associates and specialists to deliver a combination of solutions to our customers.


  • Varietal Development Consulting
  • New Product Development Consulting
  • Process Technology Development and Optimisation
  • Food Safety Systems Support
  • Shelf Life Extension Consulting
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging (M.A.P) Consulting
  • Packaging Optimisation and Project Management
  • Retail Verification Systems
  • Bespoke training
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The Benefits

  • Skills Development
  • Product Safety and Quality Improvement
  • Substantial Shelf Life Extension Opportunity
  • Product Innovation Opportunity
  • Sales and Profit Growth
  • Building and Protecting the Brand

We are specialists in fresh technology

In a nutshell, we assist our customer to extend the shelf life of new and existing products through

  • Understanding the clients production chain and optimising it from Field to Fork – or from Sea to Server
  • Facilitating the product development process to ensure successful product range launches
  • Customising of packaging to suit customer process and product through Modified Atmosphere Packaging and other processes
  • Bespoke verification, report, response and corrective action systems to support the Brand
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